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Caregiver Guilt: What It Is?NEW

Caregivers often believe they are not doing enough for their loved one, which results in feelings of guilt. Caregiver guilt can manifest in a variety of ways for several different reasons, depending on the individual and their circumstances. Luckily there are also several coping strategies that can help to manage these feelings and promote good mental health.

By Rishawn Dindial in Advocate September 20th, 2021

The Top 5 Reasons You Need More Vitamin D

Vitamin D: the sunshine vitamin. Everyone loves a little bit of sunshine, and we all know that too much time spent in the sun can have negative consequences, but did you know that there are a number of great health benefits that can come from spending the right amount of time under the sun? Here are the top 5 reasons that you should be getting more vitamin D.

By TAMVOES in TAMVOES Team August 23rd, 2021
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At 11 Years Old, I was Diagnosed

I had an eventful childhood, some parts were worse than others but nevertheless I grew up a happy child. I did well in school, had great friends and enjoyed life. Then I started getting ill at 9 years old, the odd stomach ache would appear here and there and mouth ulcers. At the age of 11 I was incredibly ill, I was fatigued, I couldn't eat, whatever I ate came back up and the stomach aches were excruciating. No one knew what was wrong.

By Surakhsha S in Advocate August 9th, 2021
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On December 25th 2016, my Oma was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, one of the rarest forms of cancers. 1 in 132 diagnosed with cancer will be diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and, out of those, only 50% will survive the maximum 5 year life expectancy. Watching a loved one battle cancer is terrifying, but regardless of how I felt, from diagnosis to passing, I was with my Oma every step of the way. I was with her the day she received the dreaded call and I held her hands until she took her last breath. In my 21 years I can say that watching one of the most important people in my life battle cancer was the hardest thing I have ever experienced.

By Jordan L in Caregiver July 26th, 2021
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Why "Coming Out" Is Never Ending

While attending Catholic school from kindergarten to grade 12, there was a large part of me that always suppressed the questions I had about my sexuality due to way the LGBTQ+ community was perceived by the Catholic church, the staff/students at my school, and society. I always felt different, but I never knew why.

By Abby Howard in Marketing June 28, 2021
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Caregiver Touched by Cancer

I was crushed when I was diagnosed with cancer. I had always been active and healthy … what had I done wrong? My husband was home recovering from a serious burn injury, and we were walking through our neglected garden when I felt a lump in my right breast as I was gesturing to myself while telling him a story. One test led to another, and I soon I learned that it was malignant.

By Jo Bregnard in Marketing June 14th, 2021
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The Pros of Napping

It is estimated that by the end of 2021 approximately 30% of the workforce will continue working from home multiple days a week. With the increase in remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic companies have noticed an increase in productivity, but employees have also realized that they are having a harder time disconnecting from work and often work extra hours with little to no breaks throughout the day. If you are working from home and notice that you are experiencing physical, mental, or emotional fatigue throughout a long day at work, a mid-day nap might be right for you!

By Noah Morris in Marketing May 31, 2021
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Being a Caregiver for My Son with FASD

Hello! I am Debbie Raymond, an adoptive single parent living in a small town in southeastern, Washington state, and fierce mama bear to two wonderful young adult children. I’m thrilled to be able to share with you about my life, challenges, hopes, and the realities of caring for my young adult son with an invisible disability.

By Debbie Raymond in Caregiver May 17, 2021
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5 Tips To Making Better Informed Health Decisions


I’ve got to be honest, after 18 years as a Respiratory Therapist at a community hospital I’ve never liked the ear piercing beep of a CODE BLUE page. I immediately grab the phone to get an update on what to expect as I race to the Emergency Room to assist with the incoming cardiac arrest.

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5 Tips To Making Better Informed Health Decisions

The official definition of health literacy is an individual’s ability to “obtain, communicate, process and understand basic health information and services” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Put in simple terms, to be able to communicate with your health providers, feel as if you have been listened to, and have all of your questions answered. Why should you care?

By Myra Katz in Patient Advocate April 19, 2021
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How to Support a Caregiver

Although acting as a primary caregiver can be fulfilling and rewarding to both the carer and the cared for, it can also cause many different types of fatigue. Without ensuring that caregivers are taking the right steps towards avoiding burnout, it is not uncommon that they are subject to higher levels of physical, mental, and emotional stress. We've compiled a few tips and techniques to ensure that all of the caregivers in our lives remain as happy and healthy as possible.

By Noah Morris in Marketing March 26, 2021
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