The Professional Search is Here!NEW

As a health professional have you ever wanted to find more clients, be more visible for clients to find you, and be able to quickly and easily show clients that you’re reliable and trustworthy? The TAMVOES Professional Search is the answer!

By TAMVOES in TAMVOES Team October 18th, 2021

Say Hello To New Features!

There has been a lot of growth at TAMVOES over the past few months, and we'd love to point out some of the newest and most notable features available for you to use now on the TAMVOES Professional platform.

By TAMVOES in TAMVOES Team June 28th, 2021

Advance Directives – Why You Need to Have One

In case of a medical emergency, have you spoken to your loved ones about advance directives? Although a difficult topic, it is very important to have your wishes in place before an emergency happens. Continue reading to learn more about advance directives and why it’s important for you and your family to have them documented.

By Rukia Mire in Marketing February 2, 2021

TAMVOES Health: Premium Launch

Today we have some exciting news to share! We have just launched TAMVOES Premium onto the live site. Alongside this, we are introducing three brand new features: the Personal Data Trust, a file storage system, the Calendar and a Medical Information Search Feature. Our team has been hard at work developing our site and we are excited to finally...

By Sarah Boutzis in Marketing October 30th, 2020

TAMVOES Health: Post Launch Progress

Its been a couple months since our launch and it's time for an update on what we have accomplished since then. It has been great to see individuals start to use TAMVOES and we can't wait to add more features to further improve the way you manage your health and wellness information. Our development team has been hard at work building new features such as the Calendar and Professional Teams Site...

By Alex Sharp in Marketing August 10th, 2020

TAMVOES Roadmap : Future Features

The TAMVOES soft launch features only showcase a portion of what will soon be available. We are continuously adding new features and when it comes to the functionality of TAMVOES, the sky is the limit. We hope you have been enjoying using your TAMVOES profile so far and appreciate your patience as we continue to build out the site. In this update I will be giving you a sneak peak of a what some future features of TAMVOES will look like.

One of the hallmark features of TAMVOES is set to be released soon! The Personal Data Trust is your go to place to store important information...

By Alex Sharp in Marketing June 24th, 2020

Soft Launch Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that the soft launch of TAMVOES is coming soon! We have been working hard year-round on this platform and cannot wait for everyone to use it. We are ready to begin this new chapter for TAMVOES and are thrilled for you to join us for the ride...

By Sayma Khan in SoftwareMarketing April 9th, 2020

One month into 2020: Here’s what we’ve done so far

We hope you are as excited as we are about what the future holds for TAMVOES! We are thrilled to be updating you on what we have accomplished so far this year and what we will be doing in the weeks and months to come. From our Focus Groups to our Merchandise and Product Development, we have been accelerating quickly into the New Year...

By Sayma Khan in SoftwareMarketing February 11th, 2020

Welcome to our Blog!

We are happy to connect with you and we hope that you are excited to hear from us about what we have been doing and what we are planning in the weeks and months ahead!

First off, we would like to announce that we have moved! We are now located at 40 Bathurst Drive Waterloo, Ontario. Our team member Dan Williams was able to find this space for us and with this, there is no doubt that we will collaborate even better as a team and have new and exciting things coming your way even faster...

By Maddy McBay in Management November 29th, 2019
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