Client Health Management

  1. Easily and securely share files with clients back and forth

  2. Receive full health and wellness timeline from clients

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Professional Features

Seamless File Sharing with Clients

Clients want an easier and more secure way to receive and send files to professionals. The Personal Data Trust is like a secure Google drive that allows you to easily store, share and organize all types of files. Clients will no longer be frustrated with waiting long times for test results or worried about security concerns with sending private files over email.

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Scheduling Made Easy

Easily schedule appointments with clients. Attach files in the event so the client has everything they need to know before the appointment. Share appointment outcomes with other professionals and client family members. 

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Create Happier Clients

“I just wish I had an easier way to connect with health professionals, every time I want to ask a question or try to get information it takes forever.” —Audrey, Full-time Personal Support Worker

This is the kind of feedback we received in droves when beta testing and what TAMVOES is designed to improve upon. Easily message, share files and schedule appointments with clients. We make it easy to view client’s past health data and appointment history.

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Run Your Business More Efficiently 

As an admin you control what permissions each employee has within TAMVOES. Manage invoices and securely share client files between employees.

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MedStack Secured

Privacy and Security Are of the Utmost Importance

Our cloud data security requirements are powered by MedStack - we take privacy compliance very seriously.

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Have more questions about how your data is secured? We take every precaution to ensure the security of your information.

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